What does Silver Hydrosol taste like?

Water with a very mild taste. It is so mild, kids take it with no problem.

Don't You Need Glass Bottles?

No.  HDPE (high density polyethylene) is the standard food grade plastic you buy milk and distilled water in, as it is one of the few plastics without a plasticizer that may leach out! We know of product over two years old stored in the original gallon jug and it still measures the same! Glass, being a crystalline material could actually shorten the life long term, as it provides nucleation sites for crystal growth (plating out).

What is the best Storage of Ionic Silver?

Refrigeration is not required for any of the products. To maximize shelf life it is best to:

Avoid storing your Ionic Silver at temperatures above about 80 and below 40 degrees F.

Store bottle to avoid long-term direct sunlight. Leave your quart and spray bottles out so you see and remember to take the silver. For long-term storage keep it in a cupboard.

Do not drink directly from the bottle, pour from the bottle into a plastic dispenser such as a plastic spoon, cup or medicine measuring cup.

Do not pour any unused liquid back into the bottle.

Try not to contaminate the containers with anything, like  q-tips, cotton balls, straws and do not double dip. Spray or saturate material with a sprayer bottle or pour silver onto desired material.

Does Ionic Silver harm the beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract?

No, not when taking normal dosages. Ionic Silver is absorbed sublingually first, then in the stomach lining. The small amount of silver taken at one time usually does not go further than the stomach and possibly small intestines. At normal doses it passes through the mucus membrane, stomach and small intestine walls and into the bloodstream before reaching the large intestine. The large intestine (or colon) contains the beneficial bacteria that aid in food digestion. In the event that someone took a large amount of Ionic Silver, say 8 ounces, for several days, for a particular issue, it is possible that some would reach the large intestine where it could possibly affect beneficial bacteria. In this event, the bacteria could be replaced by taking an acidophilus supplement or eating cultured, live bacteria food.  Even if nothing was done, the bacteria would replace itself within a few days. Ionic silver is not able to destroy the friendly bacteria like an antibiotic. Probiotic supplements are beneficial to take during and after any illness.

Can Ionic Silver be taken along with prescription drugs?

Yes. Ionic Silver will not interfere with or interact with medications.

It does not interact with medications, herbs, or supplements.

It is a very important to support your body with herbs, vitamins and minerals. The silver is complementary to any maintenance or therapeutic treatment program you are already using.

The Health Science Institute released an article that suggested ionic silver helps antibiotics work better by disrupting the cell walls of bacteria, letting the drug get inside and increase  effectiveness. So keep using ionic silver if you need to take an antibiotic.

Is Ionic Silver safe to take during pregnancy or nursing?

We do not have any scientific studies that can prove that is safe to use during pregnancy or while nursing. It is believed to be safe and many users have used it during pregnancy and while nursing. No adverse effects have ever been reported. No tests or studies however are done on pregnant or nursing women.

Are other silver products with higher concentrations (ppm's) more powerful?

They are not and may pose risks! It is all about the particle size, ions vs. particles and charge, not ppm's. The smaller the silver particle, the more powerful its energy. Remember when taking a silver ion solution consistency is the key to obtain the best results. You need a product that you can safely take multiple doses throughout the day. When you take a dose of our ionic silver hydrosol your body (cells) take in what they need and the rest is flushed out via the body’s natural elimination processes in less than 2 hours.

So when one wants to strengthen or boost the immune system, fight off an illness or battle a serious health issue, it is recommended that you take multiple doses throughout the day. To obtain the best or the desired results using any silver solution you need to be able to SAFELY take multiple daily doses.   1 teaspoon of a high quality 5 ppm ionic silver solution contains more than enough silver ions to provide an adequate dose to each and every cell in your body! We are so used to thinking “more is better” in this case “frequency is better” Everyone is busy and easily distracted so set a timer for every ½ hour as a reminder. That is only necessary when you begin to feel something coming on or in an acute illness.  

Does Ionic Silver cause Argyria or "Blue Skin"?

No. Argyria is a discoloration of the skin wherein the skin turns a blue-gray color as a result of over exposure to certain forms of silver. Argyria is known to be caused by ingesting; 1) silver salts (compounds) such as silver nitrate, 2) high concentrations of silver, 3) protein based silver products AKA "silver protein" or "mild silver protein". Those conditions resulted from poor quality homemade silver used in excess internally and externally for a long period of time. The condition actually does not cause harm to organs but does discolor the skin. Argyria is not caused by silver ions at our concentrations.

Does Ionic Silver accumulate in the organs of the body?

No. There are no metallic particles contained in our ionic silver.  These ions do not accumulate in body tissues or any organs. The ions are passed out of the body within a few hours of being ingested.  

Can I use your ionic silver on animals?

Our silver is recommended safe and effective for use on all animals. Internally and topically for a wide range of problems.