Use separate S.O.S. bottles for your personal use.   We recommended you clearly label bottles for your animals.

We don’t need cross contamination from your pet to you or from the barn to the house!


Ionic Silver has been very successful in veterinary use. It has been used widely in the treatment of many diseases and wounds.  S.O.S. is perfect for your pets. You will be able to benefit from a safe and natural remedy to treat a variety of common ailments.

Silver is so beneficial to have on hand for small farm use. Horses, cattle, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, emu, llamas, and pigs. All domestic pets, dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rodents, birds and reptiles.


Eye infections, ear infections, cuts,scrapes,  abscesses, mastitis, stomach ailments, skin rashes, wounds, injuries, allergies, most illness is the result of viral, bacterial or fungal infection.

S.O.S. Ionic Silver comes to the rescue!

Ionic Silver is also used as a natural preservative and topical disinfectant.


Use straight and do not dilute.


S.O.S. Silver is safe to use and easy to administer. Follow the reference/ user guide for human use.   


It is best applied directly in the animals mouth. Simply adjust the amounts accordingly by weight of the animal.

Applications vary depending on the animal. You can use a dropper bottle, needleless syringe, pet nursing bottle, or let them drink the silver straight from a separate bowl or water dispenser.


Eyes and Ears:

Animals prefer the dropper bottle application for eyes and ears, as it is less aggressive to the senses.  Drop 1-2 drops into eyes or ears as often as every hour.

Treat both eyes and ears to prevent spreading. Set the dropper bottle in warm water for a few minutes before applying to eyes and ears, the silver will be soothing and the animal will be more relaxed.


Wounds, cuts, scrapes, cracks:   

Clean area well, spray silver liberally directly on affected area often.  Soak gauze in silver and wrap with self-adherent bandage. Apply as often a possible until the wound is completely healed.



Birds are susceptible to a wide variety of infectious agents.  For a undefined illness use .4ml of silver 3 times a day for 7 days.  New bird quarantine, 1 dropperful per day for 7 days. Small birds use .4ml.

Silver can be mixed with distilled water only at a ratio of 1 ml to 100ml and used in their drinking water for 7 days.


Silver can be sprayed directly on animals and in bucket to disinfect before milking.